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This plate does honor to the area's "Old Schoolhouses". Central to the design is the town's first schoolhouse, a primitive one room wooden shingled structure built in 1847 as part of the church, cloister,monastery and school complex on the hospital curve near the residence of Harrison Stackpole. This complex was built by Redemptorist priests, who invited Notre Dame nuns from a Munich convent to come and serve as teachers. In 1852 the teaching chores were taken over by the first Benedictine nuns arriving from Germany.The exact date the stopped using the school is uncertain, but the building itself was still standing in the early years of this century, used by the Pilz family, who managed the "Monastery Farm" as a sheep shed.A full description of the plate can be found and purchased in a book titled "The Historical Society Plates of St. Marys and Benzinger
Twp" at the local Historical Society. Photo by Katie Weidenboerner.

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