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The bandstand was built in 1890 from a design by Sebastian Wimmer, an engineer of high international reputation and one of the towns most illustrious citizens. The bandstand , which was supposedly inspired by one in Munich Germany was never very popular.It has on its first floor a badly leaking gas regulator of the newly organized St. Marys Gas co. Smoking was not permitted in or near it and because of the narrow stairway, the larger instruments had to be towed up from the outside. It stood on the diamond for 30 years. A member of the St. Marys Coronet band , organized in 1882, is in the foreground. One of the 3 cannons that used to occupy the diamond is also visible. A full description of the plate can be found and purchased in a book titled "The Historical Society Plates of St. Marys and Benzinger
Twp" at the local Historical Society. Photo by Katie Weidenboerner.

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