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Plate #7 shows a number of local factorys and industries that have disappeared from the St. Marys scene. Most of those pictured are from the 1890-1920 periodof mushrooming, industrial expansion, during the great days of the wood, clay and railroading businesses and the beginning of carbon. These were also the years when a great number of people form Eastern Europe were moving into the area to fill the demand for a large workforce. Many public utilities , as we know them, were blossoming: oil and gas wells were being sunk, the automobile was appearing on the scene, roads were being paved, and lots of new buildings were being erected. A full description of the plate can be found ( and purchased) in the book Historical Society Plates of St. Marys and Benzinger TWP. which can be found at the local historical Society. Photo by Katie Weidenboerner.

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