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The final plates subject are the men and women who were the founders and first settlers of St.Marys. The names bordering the plate are, by tradition, the original families; Walker, Welendorf, Keller, Koch, Vornbaum, Stockman, Evers, Hill and Albert made up the Baltimore group. The names are printed in German black letters, a style of letters used in hymnals and prayer books of that period.At the top 5 of the early patrons are depicted. Father Boniface Wimmer O.S.B. who was instrumental in establishing the Benedictine order in the U.S., founded St. Vincents and took an early interest in the colony of St. Marys. He supplied both material and spiritual aid and sent the first priests of his order to ST. Marys after the Redemtorists left. A full description of the plate can be found ( and purchased) in the book Historical Society Plates of St. Marys and Benzinger TWP. which can be found at the local historical Society. Photo by Katie Weidenboerner.

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