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Please add your name , State and comments here

Thomas Roback - 2008-01-03
This is great! I didn't know that Mark Lenze, my Father-in-Law, had commisioned getting his wares online. That, and I've not seen that picture of Grandpa Lenze before. Tell Mark that his family living in England say "HI!" .. Thanks
Thomas Roback - 2008-01-03
Well apparently...my Father-in-Law sold a picture to you as a collector. my apologies, but all the same, if you see him, say hi for us! thanks.
Marks Comments - 2008-01-03
Yes... Mark has supplied me with a good portion of my collection over the years. I appreciate his help and I will keep those bits of history preserved the best that I can.
Windfelder, j - 2008-02-03
Hello, I love this web site. Love seeing the Jos F Windfelder Bottles. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Marks Comments - 2008-02-07
Thanks for checking it out. I'll try to get some more Windfelder stuff listed and also I'll get a picture of Joseph Windfelder and a little history posted.. Thanks again Mark
Anne Pierce - 2008-02-10
My mother was "Sis" Luella A Hauber, daughter of George Hauber & Amanda Foster Hauber who lived on 517? Center Street from the time he built his home there in 1901. As a child we used to ride up and down in the elevator which was in the house because my grandmother had not legs. The last time I was in St Marys was after my cousin Paul Haubers'funeral several years ago. I spent my summer vacation there, it was like going to paradise to me. Hank Foster who lived on Johnsonberg Rd(Farm) was my mothers'cousin. Harry Hauber is my cousin also. Glad you are there. Anne Pierce
Marks Comments - 2008-02-14
Thanks for visiting Anne.I know the Hauber family well. They have a long history in the financial and insurance business in St. Marys.
ll - 2008-03-16
Casey - 2008-04-05
Love the Straub beer items!! and the beer too!
Mike B. - 2008-07-15
Mark, great site. Lots of interesting things on here. Keep up the good work.
Jenna - 2008-07-22
Great site!!! I used to live in St. Marys and spent over 2 hours browsing.
Marks Comments - 2008-07-22
Thanks Jenna! Let me know of any family names or businesses and I will try to get some more items added for you. Mark
Jenna - 2008-07-22
Great site!!! I used to live in St. Marys and spent over 2 hours browsing.
JOHN C - 2008-09-19
Karen (Schutz) Hartless - 2008-11-18
Grew up in St. Marys near the Community Pool...I might have been in the photo! My dad and uncle are in the Bluebird photo. I live in Colorado now so thanks for the great memories on you site!
GEORGE FARR - 2009-02-15
Great site!!!! had a great time looking at all the old stuff. Sure brought up a bunch of old memories.
Brad Heigel - 2010-01-26
Wow! I grew up in St. Marys and was a classmate of yours. I don\'t get back much since my parents passed, but I started collecting Straub beer bottles a few years back. It was great seeing all of the unique Straub items.
Marks Comments - 2010-01-26
Wow!!! long time no hear. I come across lots of doubles of stuff. let me know specifically what you might be looking for and I can gather some up for you.
Florine Luhr - 2011-09-10
I\'m enjoying your site and am happy to have the photo of my great-great grandfather, Charles Luhr (I), and additional details on my Grandfather\'s (Alfred F.) siblings. Thanks, Florine Luhr, Buffalo NY
SSgt Eric Kellogg - 2012-01-26
I would love to see the photos of the police and fire depts in st.marys. My dad is officer Patrick Kellogg retired benzinger twp and city of st.marys police dept
Susan (Mohr) Latham, The Villages, FL - 2012-08-22
Incredible! I grew up in St. Mary\'s, went to Sacred Heart and Central High. Your history is enriching, a real treasure. Keep up the great work.
Jennifer Bunn - 2012-10-15
Imagine my surprise at seeing a matchbook from my grandfather\'s business: St. Marys Wood Specialty Company. Love the site!
Jennifer Bunn - 2012-10-15
Sorry, forgot to add that I\'m in Virginia. Born in St Marys.
- 2012-12-08
Jim Cheatle - 2012-12-11
Great site.... I am pretty sure the picture on Center St in 1908 is almost directly in front of the house I lived in. Also, in the letter to Ignatius Garner, my G.G.Great Grandfather is the Mr Cheatle referenced. I had found record of that purchase at the Courthouse. and the seller was Adam Dillen
Patrick Windfelder - 2013-02-20
I all come back to check out for new items added.I also keep a look out for St Marys history items That if found I will contact you.I am in Quakertown PA So it poss that things may turn up .The windfelder brewery was run by my greatx2 grand father and would love to find one of his bottles.Thanks for taking the time to post all the info and cool old stuff you have. VERY GOOD JOB!!!
Tim Nowakowski - 2013-04-14
I was granted the privilege of being able to submit an article to the St. Marys Daily Press on my geneaology efforts. This article ran on 10/8/11. I was delighted to see that you have a calendar for the GOLDEN HARVEST DAIRY FARM, operated by the Lenze Family, which is referenced a great deal in my article. My great grandmother, Loretta Lenze Goetz, was the 3rd and final generation of the Lenze family to operate the farm. My Grandfather, James Wilfred Goetz, grew up on that farm from the age of 7 to 17 and we have been back to St. Marys many times in the last 2 years. He is now in a dementia unit as he approaches his 88th birthday in September. I was actually given your name by Mark D. Lenze when I was visiting with him at his Shadows of teh Past Antique store, but I did not follow up with you. Please contact me at TimWWJD@AOL.com. I intend to be in St. Marys on the Saturday, May 11th (the day before Mother\'s Day). Thank you very much.
Deb Slavik - 2015-10-19
Are any of your items for sale? You have some great items. I sent you an email a while back, but didn\'t hear anything. I am interested in old bricks and clay pieces, as well as sewer tile pieces and advertising. Looking forward to hearing from you.
- 2018-05-07

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